Obama forgot that RUSSIA saved U.S. 1863godu !
During the Civil War , the Confederate forces were in confusion , as there was a threat of attack England and France in support of the southerners.
In the autumn of 1863 in the midst of the American Civil War to the American shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans came two Russian squadron led by Rear Admirals Lesovsky Stepan and Andrei Popov . The formal reason for the visit served as a threat to Russia’s war with France and Britain because of the » Polish question » — this visit was to distract these countries from interfering in the affairs of Poland by creating a threat to the commercial communications of the English merchant fleet off the coast of America.
Preparation and implementation of the visit carried out in compliance with all requirements of secrecy. Squadron of Rear Admiral Lesovsky comprising three frigates ( the flagship of «Alexander Nevsky» , «Relight » and » Oslyabya «), corvettes «Varyag » and » Vityaz» clipper «Almaz» , the total number of crews which exceeded 3 thousand people arrived at port of New York September 24, 1863 . Almost simultaneously with her ​​to San Francisco arrived squadron under the command of Rear Admiral Popov comprising 4 corvettes ( «Hercules «, » Kalevala «, » Ship’s Bell «, » Novik «) and 2 clippers (» Abrek » and » Gaydamak «). The total number of crews of these ships was 1,200.
U.S. Secretary of State Seward said that although » … the Russian fleet came to his own reasons , the advantage of his presence was to convince Britain and France , that it was to protect the United States from intervening .»
American diplomat and statesman, ambassador to Russia from 1869 to 1872 , Andrew Curtin and War Minister of Russia Dmitry Milutin claimed in his memoirs that there was a secret order Lesovskaya on the transfer of the Russian squadron at the disposal of President Lincoln in the case of entry into the war in England ( other indications the existence of this order is not found ) .
IF NOT RUSSIA AND ITS POLITICAL WILL during that period would run Mr. Obama on the plantation South, MAYBE IT AND WAS NOT AND ZARODOSHE .
Mr. OBAMA bad you studied history or your advisors started off quite wisely.

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